Solutions inspired by nature

How can we use nature as a source of inspiration to develop clever and sustainable products? This is the key question underlying our Erasmus project in which four schools from Spain, Greece, Sweden and Germany cooperated. In four project meetings we approached answers to this question with a different focus each:

Project meeting 1 in Germany: How can we create light and stable hooks using nature as a source of inspiration?

Project meeting 2 in Spain: How can we use nature’s inspiration to create climatized buildings that are also sustainable?

Project meeting 3 in Greece: How can we create efficient water-collectors inspired by nature?

Project meeting 4 in Sweden: How can we use nature’s inspiration to make movement in water/ air more sustainable?

When working on the answers to these questions we also learnt to use various modern tools like CAD (computer aided design), 3D printers and microcontroller. Apps helped us to improve our skills at generating ideas, solving problems and communicating with each other.

But most importantly we got to know each other better, practised our foreign language skills, experienced the host country, enjoyed project work, field trips and free time together.

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